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Starters FAQ (for beginners)

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Starters FAQ (for beginners)

What exactly is IPTV?

it’s one of the most asked FAQ, IPTV which is also known as Internet Protocol Television is were internet is being used as a medium to send television channels to your TV at home. In other words, you use your internet connection to watch the TV Channels, movies and TV shows without an antenna or a dish.

What’s different with IPTV?

Well, when you get a dish TV connection, it is important to install the dish connection and decoder. However, you don’t need to go through all that hassle with IPTV. You will be able to use the existing broadband connection to get media content. This is a cheaper and a hassle free alternative to traditional satellite TV.

Starting with IPTV

This guide is perfect if you never heard about IPTV and want to get started.

You can test IPTV services before you buy them, tests are here for multiple reasons:

You can check the channel list and content
You can test important channels
Test your device/setup – does it work?

What Do I Need To Run IPTV Service?

All you need is to subscribe for a premium or Trial  package of your desire. a URL. Username, and Password will be provided to you.


1- Fast Internet Connection (5Mbps or higher) to stream 4K and HD quality.

2- An online subscription to our service.

3- An app to run on your mobile or SmartTV. Please check “How to Setup“ for your favorite selection.

How to get ready for a test?

Using an IPTV app (M3U)

As a new IPTV user you probably don’t own a MAG receiver (IPTV OTT device, like Formuler Z8, BuzzTV or MAG/Infomir) you will test using a normal M3U account. M3U links explained for beginners . You can use this type account with any IPTV app.

:bulb: Browse our #tutorials to find any suited app for your device. Or quickly jump to M3U related articles

Using a MAG device

If you own a IPTV receiver – you can order a MAG account. This works the following way: your MAC device gets activated on, for example iptvserver.demo and you will setup your portal to connect with that same server: iptvserver.demo. No worries, we have #tutorials for all common devices.

You can find any device on your local markets using Google.

M3U links explained for beginners

If you’ve never heard of IPTV, you will probably start using an M3U account, also known as m3u URL.

You can find your M3U URL in multiple places. You ordered through the billingportal In your client area In your mail (or SPAM) You ordered through…
Your URL contains the IPTV server, your username and password. This URL is personal, anyone with this URL can get access to your IPTV account. Do not share it on public forums.

How does it look?
Most M3U URL’s look like this – the bold parts will be replaced by your actual details in the format below.

You can strip this to:
Port: 80
Username: USERNAME
Password: PASSWORD

TIP: You can log in to portals on IPTV receivers with these details!

Port is not necessary to include, only when it’s not 80.

Smart IPTV: You need M3U, not MAC account!

If you are using (Smart IPTV for Smart TV) please make sure to buy a regular (M3U) account.

:bulb: Only IPTV set-top devices (like BuzzTV, Formuler and Infomir MAG) are activated by a provider through the MAC ID.

Smart IPTV  works by uploading your M3U list, to your app, with the MAC address. The MAC address is not activated in the system of your provider.

Requirements for IPTV?

We would recommend at least 5mbps download speed with your internet, to NowWatchTVLive, though our services do work on as little as 3mbps download, and we do offer ‘Low Internet TV Channels’ as part of your package if you are on a slower internet speed. To check your internet speed simply connect your internet and using your internet browser go to then run a speed test. This will tell you both download and upload speeds of your internet.


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