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Amazing quality Live HD TV streams

Beautiful HD channels, plus SD channels (if you have a low-speed internet) to watch TV online

The highest-quality, most STABLE platform On the WEB

Test us for yourself with a Free Trial – NO freezing, looping, buffering, sound out-of-sync, channel loss, etc …just consistently stable streams to watch TV online – you will love us!

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World-class Customer Service & Support

We’re real people, and we know the importance of true Customer Service to valued Customers! We are available 7 days a week, 9am to 12pm, to answer questions, resolve an issue, give you info …because YOU (the Customer) are THE most important person in our business!

High Customer Retention through Customer Satisfaction

We don’t believe that customers are disposable, whereas our competitors think ‘offer rubbish service, lose a customer, get another on’ – that is definitely NOT our thinking! We monitor Customer Retention very closely and see it as an important judge as to whether we’re doing a good job …and it’s this Customer Satisfaction that gives us the highest customer retention in our industry.

FREE 24-Hour TRIAL to prove the quality of our services

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European-based Servers

Many of our competitors have their Servers based in India & other Asian markets – our Servers are all based in Europe, to give you the fastest stream times and consistently high quality of service.

6 Packages to choose from

So with 6 different Plans, choosing Monthly or Yearly even Triennialy subscriptions, with Live Channels, box sets & TV Series, and so much more , you will find the Plan that is right for you, in terms of channel choice and your budget.

Prices from JUST 2.5€ - Can even be FREE FOREVER!

With Packages starting from as low as 2.5€ a month (based on an Triennialy plan) for high-quality TV over the internet, there is a Package to suite every budget. Plus introduce just 3 family or friends and you get buyiptv FREE FOREVER every month!

Only Pay for when You Need It

Only pay for when you need your TV services. If you’re away or don’t need it for a month, just send us an email with a month’s notice, and we can switch your service ‘off’, suspending your subscription payments. Then just tell us when you want it back on – simple! Giving you total flexibility.

5.000+ Live channels Worldwide & European HD Channels

Get the complete home entertainment experience whatever you love, we’ve got itThe best in drama, comedy and documentaries. TV live and adult from all over the world. With our iptv package , you now get more than ever as standard.Discover a wider world of entertainment,Where awesome entertainment comes together.

500+ Live Sports channels from UK, USA, Europe & World

If Sport is your thing, you will love what we offer in Live HD Sport from UK, Ireland, USA and worldwide sports.

A number of adult channels is available (optional)

A number of adult channels is available as part of your TV package. These include Babestation and Playboy,Erotic Hustler ,HETERO and much moe.As an option you can choose to include in your Package our Adult XXX Live channels, again at No Extra Cost.

Dashboard And Control Panel

to Manage your generated subscriptions. Keep tracks of Active and Expired lines which can be divided by advance filtering.Report issues with channels and keep tracks ,custom your package add or remove mag address change your line password,Download script that fits your device and much more..

Live Premier & other Top European League Football

buyiptv All the Live televised UK Premier League football games, and many of the top European leagues televised games, are here Live on buyiptv.

Multi-room / Multi-device option

Have you ever thought ‘it would be great to have a second device, perhaps an iPad or TV, in another room, to watch different channels on’? Well with buyiptv you can, and we make it very affordable by giving you a 35 % Discount on the second device, so now all the family can enjoy buyiptv on different devices, watching different programmes.

Use on many Devices

buyiptv You can watch TV online with buy iptv on your big-screen TV (with a MAG set-top box), or on your SmartTV (using smartiptv app), or on your Apple or Android mobile phone or tablet (using our app) – many ways, on many devices, to enjoy buyiptv

No blocks / No VPN needed

buyiptv Many of our competitors constantly get blocks (suspended) on their Live channels, or they say ‘you need a VPN to access our services’ (a VPN just masks your internet connection to allow you access some channels that a provider has had blocked, and is an extra expense for you!). None of this is an issue with buyiptv – our Customers don’t suffer from any blocks, and no VPN is needed for any of our services.

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